Police Federation Independent Review

Independent review

Key recommendations from the review

• A 25 per cent cut in members‘ subscription fees for one year in 2015, with possible future cuts

• Police officers will have a greater say by being able to vote for the national chair position (through the creation of a national database of members). The general secretary position would not be elected but appointed on the basis of their professional skills and effectively
become the chief executive of the Federation

• The number of representatives will be streamlined with a new National Council made up from all 43 local federation branches who will elect a National Board to replace the Joint Central Committee

• All accounts from the Police Federation should be published – including so-called ‘No2’ secret accounts within branch boards

• To have a national database of members as soon as possible, which would help to communicate directly with members and keep them informed

• Rank committees to be abolished

• A new performance and standards contract and an ethics, standards and performance process should be agreed

• Each force to complete a cost-benefit analysis of the value it provides in its local force

• A stronger focus on equality and diversity at all levels. A new director of equality, equality assessments, and reserve seats for women maintained in the short term but discontinued when real progress is established

• Federation commits to a statement of intent reflecting that they are acting in the public interest with accountability, to be enshrined in legislation as soon as possible.

You can read the report and recommendations in full on The RSA website, at www.thersa.org

RSA Police Federation Review Report FINAL (PDF Document 424KB)

Message from Sir David Normington

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